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Now you can with the Consumer Wellness Center Lab test kits that allow you to test almost anything for heavy metals, trace minerals and nutritive elements.

Ever wish you could know exactly what's in your dietary supplements,

drinking water, soil, or cosmetics? 

Why CWC Labs? 

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Now you can find out whether your favorite supplements, cosmetics, superfoods, drinking water, garden soil, or even hair contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium or arsenic. With lab instrument sensitivity in the low-ppb (parts per billion) range, our ICP-MS tests can pick up almost any trace amount of toxic elements or heavy metals.


Hair composition testing is similar to heavy metals testing, but it's designed specifically to test human hair. Take a sample of your hair and mail it back to us in the provided vial. Within ten days of receiving your sample, we'll send an electronic report including an analysis of the heavy metals, elements, and other contaminants your sample contains. Hair composition testing can give you an idea of the heavy metals and elements you've been exposed to, so you can consult with your physician to plan accordingly. (We can also test the hair of your pets.)

Hair Composition Testing

Raw food materials

You can have almost anything tested, though there are a few exceptions. Most commonly tested items include:

Vitamins and supplements

We do not test bodily fluids, explosives, chemical solvents, recreational drugs, or anything that's considered highly toxic or prohibited by law. If you're in doubt as to whether your sample can be tested, give us a call before ordering your test kit.



What Can And Can't Be Tested

Superfood products

Drinking water

Organic materials like grass or leaves

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CWC Labs Hair Composition Test Kit

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